Sustainability Research: Where to Start?

There’s a big world of change needed for a sustainable future. There are millions of people looking for a way to help. It’s going to take a variety of skills and talents to devise solutions, implement them, make new and better products, market them, and create and enforce policies and regulations. It’s a vast array of possibilities and opportunities to get involved.

How to wrap our heads around it all, and join in to contribute?

I’m starting by informing myself and sharing what I learn. I’ve got the UN Biodiversity report from 2019 and a sustainability textbook downloaded and skimmed. To prioritize finding the answers I need in a sea of research, I’m starting with questions to answer (or QTAs, explained in this blog post by Jessica Abel).

The first two questions I’ve set for myself are:

  1. What is the current status of environmental policy in the US?
  2. What framework shall I use to organize and communicate what I learn?

I hope that focusing down on these two questions will make my next step easier.

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