For comments, collabs, or sharing resources, you can write to me at kannapan[at]

Working with me:

  • Getting started in climate: If you’re looking to get more involved in climate/environmental engagement, in whatever capacity, I want to help! You can set up a free 15-minute advisory call here.

  • Art: Want me to draw you something? You can make a request here.

  • Unsticking creative projects: If your creative project is hitting a wall or running out of steam, I might be able to help strategize. We can set up a free introductory call and go from there.

Other platforms:

These are my profiles on various other platforms:

Medium | Tumblr | Mastodon (art) | Mastodon (writing) | Youtube | LinkedIn

If you use any of those platforms, you are welcome to connect with me there. Most of my writing lives on Medium. Tumblr is the place to follow along my art projects.

But the best way to get ALL my art, research, writing, and videos in one place is by email. I send a roundup of all my work every month.