About My Creative Process

If you’ve looked around this blog, you can probably tell I have a ton of interests and projects! The main areas I like to work in are art, research, fiction, nonfiction, and, of course, climate.

I’m usually working on a handful of projects in parallel, and bounce between them as inspiration strikes. Inspiration can be unpredictable, which is a challenge when it comes to planning ahead. 

The two terms that, combined, best describe the way I work are ‘multipotentialite’ and “methodological-pantser.” The first refers to having many different interests. The second term comes from a categorization by novel editor Ellen Brock, extending the plotter/pantser dichotomy to more dimensions. It means that I like using systems and methodology in the short term, but in the long term, I’m winging it.

Put together, those traits result in a pretty chaotic way of working! (Well, I like it. Never a dull moment.)

So, it’s been important for me to figure out how to be organized and maintain continuity on projects that progress in fits and starts. I cycle between projects in short bursts, and I need to be able to capture everything I need and pick them up easily.

Identifying my work style was a huge step up, creatively. Being organized and planning don’t come naturally to me, which is why they’re often on my mind. I write about my creative process while I figure it out, in the spirit of showing the behind-the-scenes (and pushing back against one-size-fits-all productivity advice). 

I’ve been experimenting with organizing my work into short series or art challenges (10 days, month-long), which worked amazingly well

I also make tools and worksheets for myself. And for you, if you are someone who works a bit like I do. And if not, hopefully, my process is interesting as a data point to consider as you discover what does work for you.

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