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Every now and then, I get the art ‘bug’ and do a whole flurry of art back to back. It makes a nice break from the intensely verbal and analytical activities I spend most of my time on. So, most of my art is organized in series with all the art I did close together. 

My artwork explores nature and fantasy themes, usually in the media of ink, watercolor, and digital. I like to experiment with sustainable art supplies. It’s an interesting microcosm of sustainable supply chains more broadly.

Here are some of my art series you might enjoy:

  • The Oceans and Sunsets series. The only series I did in acrylic on canvas, where I was teaching myself wispy, opaque cloud effects. I’ll revisit acrylic someday, especially when I get my hands on some biodegradable ones.
  • The Leaves and Foliage series (#1, #2 and #3). I did these in botanical ink on watercolor paper. Painting them was a calming and meditative experience, especially painting the intricate foliage.
  • The Watercolor Travel series (part 1 and part 2). Watercolor paintings I did either while on vacation or afterwards from vacation photos. Either way, a wonderful way to soak up extra details and enjoyment from a trip. I recommend trying it.
  • The Plant Portraits series. A 10-day challenge of making digital line art of plants in my house (beginning, update 1, update 2, gallery, YouTube playlist) . This series was a lot of ‘firsts’ – my first YouTube videos where I showed the behind the scenes of making art, (nearly) my first time using this particular line art program, and my first-ever drawing challenge.
  • The Nature Girl series (#1, #2, #3, wrapup). A short series in fountain pen on hemp paper. A few adventurous girl-characters that emerge from their natural surroundings.
  • The Fantasy and Nature series. A month-long challenge where I worked on digital paintings, including concept art for my novel. You can watch the behind-the-scenes and hear about my novel-writing progress in the YouTube speed-paint videos that go with them. 
  • The Atmospheric series. Digital paintings I did in response to various prompts from art communities, trying to capture the feeling of cool air, early mornings, stretching one’s arms, and of course, coffee.
  • The Recovering Magically series. A 7-day art challenge to draw magical characters around a theme of recovery and replenishing oneself, probably because that’s what I needed.

Expect more series to come as I cycle between my favorite art media, try new ones, or dig through my sketchbook for ideas to give a refresh! If you’d like to hear about them when they come out, you can sign up here.


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The Climate Movement Needs Your Creativity, Not Your Guilt

I wanted to share something! I’m giving a TEDx talk next week, titled The Climate Movement Needs Your Creativity, Not Your Guilt.

If you want to check it out (or share with anyone), there’s a livestream and registration is free. Anyone can register at the link below and pick “virtual attendee” at the last step.

Event details:
April 15, 2023
10:00am – 2:00pm CDT
(UTC -5hrs)
Registration: https://www.ted.com/tedx/events/51831
(I’m not sure when my talk is within the event; I’ll let you know when I find out.)

Update: For people who wanted to know, looks like I’m speaking during the first hour of the event.


  • It went great!
  • The video isn’t up yet. I’ll add it here when it is!
  • Here’s a picture in the meanwhile.