Focusing on my novel in December

Here is a video update on what I have planned for the next month!

For writers and artists, the end of the year is always an exciting time, because you have Inktober, Preptober, and NaNoWriMo – fun, collective challenges to share progress on.

This year in October, I thought about doing Inktober, because I was already doing a lot of drawing and illustration projects. And when November came around, I thought about doing a modified version of NaNoWriMo to revise my novel (NaNoWriMo is usually for first drafts).

But in both cases, I – well – didn’t. There were too many other things going on!

So now it’s December. And I figured, what if I mash Inktober, Preptober and NaNoWriMo together into one month?

I also drew this picture of what it’s like with all the projects coming and going. Exciting and chaotic!

Ideas wafting around…

More updates to come!

And if you have a way of working that seems weird and unconventional, but it works for you – let me know about it in the comments! I’m always curious about the ways that people work.

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