Nature Girl Series – Picture 2

…and anatomy practice.

This is the second drawing I did as an experiment in combining landscapes and characters! I did a little more sketching with thin pen lines this time, before doing the thick dip pen inking. Also, I practiced drawing heads from this angle in my sketchbook a few times, since I hadn’t tried it before.

After my first attempt at the drawing, I put it aside, but something about the head position seemed off. So I took a picture and figured out the anatomy using red lines:

Luckily, I was able to fix the issues in the ink drawing, before going back to digital to change the background color and add highlights. That way, the original looks right too.

Part of the trouble comes from sketching with pen without using pencil first. Going ink-first is a habit I have from my sketchbook. Maybe I’ll try it the sensible way next time. But not before…

Nature Girl series part 3! (Coming soon.)

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