I did it! I YouTubed.

Part 2 of my 10 day challenge of drawing ‘houseplants’ (a category I interpret loosely).

I set myself a challenge to draw a houseplant every day for 10 days! And to make a video to go with it. I’m relieved that I made it through!

Now, I’ve drawn every plant in my house (if you count the drawings I’d already done when I started the challenge), plus a few from outside the house. I feel like I’ve thoroughly scratched the drawing itch, for once.

Usually, no amount of drawing, or any activity, feels like enough; I’m always craving more. To do it ‘properly’.

I guess I found out what it takes to ‘do it properly’, because I’m finally ready to move on to writing and research. (I’ll still draw if I feel like it, of course.)

Here are my videos for days 5 to 10:

Day 6 – Garlic and talking about trying the ‘impossible’.
Day 7 – Unknown backyard flower and talking about circling back to projects
Day 8 – Second succulent and talking about avoiding perfectionism
Day 9 – Broccoli and choosing aa project difficulty setting
Day 10 – Ivy and talking about finding the edge of my comfort zone

I enjoyed this so much that I definitely want to do another 10 days of drawing, sometime.

And that’s all! I’m planning to make a wrap-up video reflecting on the 10 days. I won’t say when that’s coming out, or I’d have to stick to it.

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