Drawing Plants for 10 Days in a Row!

…and dipping my toe into making videos.

And now, for something completely different! I recorded myself making vector drawings of plants and sharing some thoughts. I plan to do this for 10 days in a row, and I’m currently five days in.

It’s working as a crash course in basic video editing and a fun source of routine. I enjoy setting up these little projects for myself, especially if they have a clear endpoint. (But I can only keep those up for a short time, hence the 10 days).

And watching the timelapse of a drawing, even when I just drew it, is strangely satisfying, like a recap – “Yep, that’s what just happened!” I wish I had a similar recap for all my projects, but I’m actually terrible about remembering to take photos…

Anyway, here’s my tentative foray into video (part 1):

Day 1 – Onion and explaining the 10-day challenge.

Day 2 – Succulent and thoughts on having multiple interests.

Day 3 – Spiky Succulent and thoughts about working styles.

Day 4 – Pomegranates, and project updates.

Day 5 – Citrus, and thoughts about the benefits of reusing art.

So that’s the halfway mark! Five more plants to go. I’m having to venture outside the kitchen and patio for subjects now, so the quest escalates.

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