More Leaves and Foliage in Botanical Ink

…and painting on location for the first time!

Dipping back into the archives for these.

I last shared some of my botanical ink paintings here. As I wrote there, I’ve been enjoying drawing from my old vacation photos, looking deeply at the zoomed-in pixels of dappled green leaves and foliage.

Here are the last few I managed to do before running out of ink, some time in 2021. I was already well and truly out of blue. (Yes, I do need to buy some more. I keep forgetting, and now I’m on a watercolor and digital art kick. I’ll circle back to ink eventually!)

A bit of background on each, going clockwise from the top left:

  1. I painted this on location, and not from a photo! One of the first times I did that. It was while camping in the Angeles forest. Since then, I make a point of packing art supplies and painting on every trip.
  2. From a photo I took in Madrona Marsh in Torrance, California.
  3. From a vacation photo from Flagstaff, Arizona. I had to mix in some regular fountain pen ink for the dark branches.
  4. From another Flagstaff photo taken at high speed in the passenger seat, probably.

Expect a few more art updates, woven in among all the other activity, as I catch up on sharing my recent work!

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