Recapping My (First) Sustainability Reading Project! (Jan – Mar 2022)

My reading project is finally done! Or at least, the ‘reading’ part of the reading project. The associated blog posts will continue to come out as I finish them.

So how did I do? Well, I managed to read all the materials I’d set for myself, except the two I wanted to reread. When I was running short on time, I decided it was better to forge ahead than retread old ground.

Shockingly, I also finished up my project approximately on time. Unheard of.

I ended up cramming a lot of them toward the end, and that was fun in its own way. I’ve got a bit of a process going –

  • first I skim everything,
  • then I load the reports onto my tablet.
  • I read a report and mark it with a stylus while dictating a voice memo with my real-time reactions,
  • transcribe the reactions using a transcription program,
  • paste a bunch of quotes from the report into my notes,
  • and then write the post about it.

Which sounds complicated, now that I’ve written it down. But it isn’t, really, it just lets me do a lot of different modes of learning – visual, auditory, etc., at once.

Now for, the recap. Here is how the project started:

Sustainability Research: Where to Start?

My Sustainability Research Lineup For Q1

Researching to Find My Place in the Climate Movement

Here are my real-time updates:

Research Day 1: Skimming the Longest Tomes

Sustainability Research Project Days 2-3: More Skimming

Sustainability Research – Days 4, 5, 6 – Bigger Bites

Here are the blog posts I wrote about each report. (I will continue to update this as I add blog posts.)

12021 UN Emissions Gap Reportskim, intro chapters, methane chapter, more coming soon
2Taking Stock 2021 by Rhodiumskim, more coming soon
3HBR article – What Supply Chain Transparency really meansskim, post.
4Initiatives that came out of COP26skim, more coming soon
5US 2021 Aviation Climate Action Plan.skim, more coming soon
62015 Paris Agreement (reread)Skipped
7 Green New Deal (reread)Skipped

I also made a To-Be-Read (TBR) list, including references in the reports that I want to follow up on later.

So, what’s next?

This was a project I really enjoyed since I was able to quickly learn subjects I’d been meaning to for a while.

I want to do another one! I’m going to have to give the Sustainability Reading projects names to keep them from being mixed up.

I’m working on coming up with a Research Lineup for April-June 2022.

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