I’m an engineer who works on instruments, parts, and code for satellites (and other things that go into space). In college, I was a founding member of a student satellite project. You can read more about my engineering work on LinkedIn..

From the perspective of both a user and maker of technology, I write about how humans mold our environment in unexpected ways, and how technological products can encroach on our lives and choices. I make a monthly webcomic, The Meritocrats,  that explores this idea. It’s a tale of technological intrigue about overzealous engineers who create a world that bears no resemblance to the world they designed for. Will they learn to control it, or will it all come crashing down, taking civilization down with it?

The story is inspired by an engineering degree and a paranoid imagination. I also like to draw things like eerie towers on a mesa, people in offices, robots, and the ocean.